Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Another finished set for Vanessa

This one worked out so well- this time the shortened version of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket. Pants again - the Happy Baby pattern - so simple and quick. This time done on 5 dpns - try as I may, I still get faint ladders! There must be a trick to this. I could use a circular with magic loop but it is too fiddly for me. The two hats were an invention of my very own!!
I will make little sockies I think to go with the set. Or I might make little boots with a turn down rib cuff like the pants and jacket.

The yarn was Disco 8 ply acrylic in gray and Red Heart TLC in Country Club.

And that is the last of the Country Club - but I will get some more on ebay from my favourite seller - Sheryl! I received 36 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver by mail yesterday - I had been waiting since mid August and they arrived 25th October! but Surface mail is so much cheaper it is well worth the wait. It's like Christmas for me here - because the Super Saver is in such glorious colours!! 6 of each colour - Bikini, Pinata, Berries, Banana Berry, Fiesta Jewels, and assorted skeins (6) Watercolour, Summer Breeze. At the same time I received another parcel from Las Vegas (yes I am an ebay addict) of Red Heart 4ply in Burgundy, Baby Pink, Apricot and Baby Blue all solid colours. This 4 ply is nothing like Aussie 4 ply which the US gals call baby fingering! This 4 ply uses 5mm needles!! But the solids are wonderful matches to all the variegated Super Savers. I still have a little left of Ocean and Starbrights Super Saver, plus a Pound of Love in Lavender,and some TLC in Emerald Green (when will I use it?) I still have over 15 huge plastic storage boxes of Aussie yarn as well!!! So why am I wasting time on here, you ask, dear Diary?? I should be knitting my fingers to a blur!! Posted by Picasa

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