Friday, October 28, 2005

Bits and Pieces

Did a silly thing - stayed up all night talking to knitting pals in Newfoundland, Yukon and Ohio. Plus sending pattern scans to various other knitting buddies.

So although I had a nice long lie in today - I am feeling like a wet dishrag. One needs sleep more as one gets older I find - not the other way round as is popularly believed!!

Knitting with some of my new Supersaver in Banana Berry - my eBay purchase arrived on Monday from USA - 36 skeins of assorted variegated yarns. Funny - I have used this yarn before - I am NOT a yarn snob - and it has always been reasonably soft to use - but this one feels like harsh coarse string! So a wash in cream shampoo and a rinse in good conditioner plus a go in the dryer is called for!! It will soften up - I am just wondering if this is an idiosyncrasy - if only certain colors are like this? It has a LOT of blue and green in it. The other colors that have predominately reds, yellows, oranges, etc don't seem so harsh - or is it just me?

Making a happy little garter stitch sweater in Banana Berry S. Saver and Royal Blue Panda Angoretta - sadly a discontinued yarn ! Boo hoo! I have some of it in a bright Pink, and a delicious cream as well. If I can find any more of it on eBay I will grab it no matter what. At least it is Australian yarn and so the postage isn't crippling.

Waiting waiting waiting waiting for Workers' Compensation to process my wages for this week. Looks like the claim wasn't processed in time for last Wednesday's pay day- so have to wait till next Wednesday - in the meantime not a brass razoo and it's only Friday. Eric and I can cope but we have 7 cats and 2 dogs, and they are getting sick of invented meals. Why is bureaucracy so unco-operative? They know at head office that the claim form certificates have to be in every week on a Thursday to make it for the next pay day - so why hang on to them?

STOP PRESS!!!! Just got a phone call - they have cash waiting at the office for me right now !!! The girl in the office did it specially for me! What a sweetheart!

In the meantime, the knee is still very sore - and I have to rest it. I love those instructions - whoo hoo! no need to feel guilty about knitting and knitting and knitting!!!!!!!!! All day while I listen to talking books or watch TV!! Have great plans for all this lovely new yarn - I love COLOUR!!! Have a few little odds and sods to sew up and get out of my unfinished basket.

Then it 's time to start on Sandee's afghan ( Blue Hearts) and her brother's throw ( Georgia Tech, complete with bee) - finish a sweater for DIL started last year - sweater for stepson and daughter, and grandson. These are to be Christmas gifts. Ha ha ha - optimist!!!!!!! Also make a Christmas exchange. What does one make for a Christmas exchange? A gift? Or does it have to be a Christmas thing - ornament - or similar??

I am making Christmas gifts this year - found some nice little bathroom crochet items - know exactly who will get them too - plus a small jar of brandied apricots - Sylvia loves my crochet and my apricots. Making ginger and melon jam too, and some crochet edges for some handtowels - bought a heap of thread on ebay a few months back.

Next time dear Diary - will outline Christmas gifts more thoroughly.

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