Saturday, December 02, 2006

Another Afghan

This is the third of these blankets I have made since July.

This one is for my friend Edna who recently stayed 10 weeks with me here in Brisbane, recovering from a trapped sciatic nerve - very painful. She has now returned to Melbourne, and I have been very slow in finishing it - but it is now finally done.

The colours are lovely - a deep plum which has slight variations in it - an anonymous yarn I was given recently - some Cleckheaton Mousse in the softest heather tones of lilac with purple and blue in it, and Panda Angoretta for the lovely lilac/pink border - and I edged it with the anonymous plum yarn.

I shall now give the afghans a rest - until someone else gets sick and needs a comfort blankie!!

By the way, the first pic was taken without flash, the second with flash - makes a difference, the first is probably more like the real thing.

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