Saturday, January 06, 2007

2007 Came In With A Bang (Or two!!)


I never tried to take pics of fireworks before - these were taken from the beach at Scarborough - the fireworks were actually set up on two boats in the sea - if you look carefully at the first two pics you can see a line of reflection on the water!!

It was a fantastic sight - there were literally hundreds of people there - picnicking on the beach in the dark with all sorts of glowing lighted thingies on their heads and round their necks!!

The local restaurants did a roaring trade.

The atmosphere was extremely festive and happy - no problems with drunks or anything - even though the police were present they had little to do except watch the fireworks!!

So dear Readers - we start another Year - I vow not to buy another ball of yarn for nine months till 30th September!! My last purchase for 2006 arrived on 4th January - so that doesn't count as I paid for it in December!!!

Hope all my friends in OZ and elsewhere in the world have a wonderful year in 2007.

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