Monday, April 23, 2007

Oh yes; I knitted these this week too!

This dear little sweater is "Rindy's Top Down Raglan"

There are absolutely no seams at all!!! I knitted the sleeves on 2 circulars.

The little girl buttons are adorable aren't they? I have them in red, blue, pink,yellow and mauve - I got them on ebay from Dave Rundle (daverun)

I use them a lot. They make all the difference don't they?

This is a cowl ( neckwarmer or joined up scarf) for another exchange - this time on Knit4charities, a Yahoo Group I belong to.
The recipient is Penny in Tasmania - who absolutely hates acrylics - so I hunted through my stash and found this beautiful dark red (her favourite colour) wool yarn from U.S.
A few years ago I bought a half finished afghan and the remaining yarn on ebay - unravelled it and stashed it. This is what was left and it came in exactly right for this exchange. The pattern is a freebie from someone's blog!!
I keep saying I won't do another exchange - I am still waiting for the knitting tote bag from my partner on another Yahoo Group exchange from last September. I sent mine - and she said she liked it - but it was acrylic so I think that was not appreciated !!!!!! I thought it was pretty but what do I know. I also sent nice candles and pot pourri too - one of these days it would be nice to do an exchange and get an exchange if you know what I mean??
Apart from my dear friend Maria (see the Christmas posting I made of her beautiful exchange gifts to me!!! )I haven't had too much luck with other exchanges.
I hate it when you make something really beautiful for someone and take the time and trouble stick to all the rules , then receive some crappy last minute bought-in-a-discount-crap-shop-exchange in return!!!!


Sue H said...

Hi Yvette, I know just what you mean. I too had a bad experience with SP9, which was the first swap that I joined although one of the last to finish at that time. My spoiler suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth and I haven't heard from her. Luckily a beautiful angel stepped in and sent me a much appreciated package and we have been conversing since. Hopefully you will receive a wonderful package from the Aussie Knitters swap, keep me posted.

Zing said...

I Love the baby sweater. And the buttons are so sweet. Are the buttons shank? I have a similar pattern with the collar.I knit the buttons on as you knit the sweater. I just love it. And I knit it in the round also so not alot of finishing which is a plus. Is this "Randy Top Down Raglan" pattern available on line or can I purchase some where. I collect baby sweater pattens and would love to have a copy if possible. I just found your blog while surfing. I will be back. Thanks for sharing.

HAINAngel2000 said...

your work is simply amazing!!! Just found your link through Bevq's blog. Thank you for sharing your lovely work with the world.

lbquilts said...

Hello Yvette!
I just visited again and love the sweater pics! Do you know where I can get the pattern for Rindy's Top Down Raglan? I visited her photo site but did not see any link to the it in a book or online? I love raglan sleeves myself and would like to make this.
To take a break from sweaters, I just finished my 1st basic pair of socks and have made a pair of 'monkey' socks by Cookie A. I want to make my g'daughters socks w/leftover yarn!
Glad to see you are back 'online'!

baba black sheep said...

your knitting is just gorgeous yvette

Dot Reinhardt said...

Hi Yvette,
You are amazing, thanks for sharing...can't hardly wait to see the blue sweater for Christmas...
You have God in those little fingers...
I never get tired of seeing your sunsets, it sounds like you live in Gods paradise...I also liked the video of the I-Cord..thanks for sharing with us...
Dot from Californian

happyknitter said...

Hi Yvette, Love your blog.... am the original owner of the little white baby sweater that you think was from a knit lister. would love to know where to get the pattern for the Rindy's Top Down Raglan that you also posted, do a looooot of knitting for the Indian Reservations and homeless here on Long Island, NY, USA. Am a devoted Elizabethian Knitter and so happy to find another one who is also a charity knitter. Please let me know about the Rindy's sweater. Thanks in advance, Anne My email is
astoddar@suffolk.lib.ny us

Nancy K said...

I absolutely love your work! Can you tell me where to purchase the "Rindy top down raglan" pattern?
It is adorable! Thank you - keep up the good work!!!!