Thursday, May 03, 2007

Best Ever Baby Sweater

Finished this beautiful baby sweater - finally sewed the buttons on!

It is from Elizabeth Zimmermann's book, "Knitters' Almanac" - the lace stitch is Gull Wing stitch.

The only seams were the sleeves - I could have knitted them on two circulars I guess and then there would have been no seams at all!

Thanks to Marilyn on EZknitalong - for pithy and comprehensive instructions - even though I was too impatient and scooted along without her after Day 2 LOL!! I didn't make a mess of it after all.

Aren't the little mushroom buttons cute?? From Dave Rundell in Florida - "daverun"on ebay .

Oh yes, cream Angoretta and some lovely apple green anonymous donated yarn - I have a fair bit of this - so it will feature in some more baby sweaters I am sure!

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joni said...

I think your knitting is just lovely and that it's great of you and your knitting friends to make things for the homeless! I learned to knit about a year and a half ago right after Christmas. My name is Joni and I'm from Texas USA! I'm 49 and I stay at home and am a grammy too! I love your sweaters and socks too. I have knit scarves, hats or beanies, dishcloths and a waterbottle holder, but I haven't tried a sweater yet or socks. You do beautiful work! And I love your sunsets! Would love to hear from you sometime! I have 2 furbabies at home, "Fancy" my long-haired chihuahua and "Joey" my fat,lazy,neutered "tomcat"! I love to garden , read, knit, quilt, do any kind of crafts, and visit!
Your Friend,