Friday, May 18, 2007

Couple more hoodies!

I made my second Tomten!!

This time I was happier with it - mainly because I read the pattern more carefully when I came to doing the double decrease on the sleeves. For those who like to know these things - the Tomten pattern is from the remarkable brain of the late Elizabeth Zimmermann and is available in a couple of her books, Knitting Workshop and the Opinionated Knitter or as a single pattern leaflet from
I can recommend it - but be warned - just like E.Z.'s Baby Surprise Jacket - it is highly addictive!!

Someone had given me an anonymous skein of yarn (no ball band) which I think was wool, in a beautiful soft cream with a coloured fleck in it. I didn't have enough to do the whole sweater in it and as it had flecks of blue in it as well as a little bit of yellow and red, I found some Cleckheaton wool blend in a beautiful blue for the sleeves. I used literally every last inch of both colours!

This little hoodie I made for my dear friend Karen's great niece Jasmine. Karen provided the yarn and the pattern which was from a Powder Puff book, I think this is Paton's? Can't tell you because I gave the pattern book back to her!
Garter stitch, in alternating ridges of Powder Puff and Feathers, this was so easy to do, albeit tricky due to the nature of the yarns.
The finished hoodie was just so sweet - lovely and cosy too. Took no time to make either!!


Knitcrazy said...

Oh That sweater is Adorable.. What agreat idea to use alternating geathers and yarn !!
Love it!!!


lbquilts said...

hi yvette!
that little striped hoodie is adorable...and i love the pic of the 'Christmas' cactus! what gorgeous blooms! it looks like you've been busy. the countryside looks very inviting...were you able to secure it? i hope so.
linda (IOWA)

Heather Knox said...

Hi there! I was hoping that since you have experience making tomtens, you could help me out? I'm knitting one right now, and I have just come to my first short ridge. This is all fine and good, but I am confused by the wording, "short ridge". Usually a pattern will say short row, and it is understood that you work one short row. But since this says short ridge, does that mean that you work TWO short rows to make a ridge? If you can help me out, I would really appreciate it!! Thanks.

- Heather K.