Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tiny Ballerina

This is Talitha aged three months - her big sister aged three, is in a ballet concert soon - so I made Talitha a tutu like her sister's and some little ballet slippers.

Charnelle is thrilled that her little sister is dressed for ballet too!!

The tutu looked so small when I was sewing it - but Oh My! I could have halved the length!!

So sweet!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Yvette, She is beautiful, and a wonderful model.

Melinda said...

She is so cute! You have been doing lots of lovely knitting lately - I just scrolled down your blog and was amazed at all of the beautiful patterns!

I have somehow had a mind blank and have forgotten my log in and ID for the Knitting for Brisbane's Needy ring. I wanted to ask - I have knitted some beanies and a baby's cardigan - is this enough to send up, or should I wait until I have knitted more? Also, are cotton things useful, or is it mostly wool for warmth?

Love Melinda

Yvette said...

Hi Melinda - you didn't leave an email address for me to reply to you - but yes that is fine - you can send as many or as few as you like - do you want Karen to send you some pre paid postage satchels?

Yes cotton ones are good for the summer. Especially newborns - they don't have their heat regulators working at first!

Have you tried logging on to the group - Yahoo will send you your password if you click on "forgotten your password?" but you should come on automatically when you get the group home page.

Melinda said...

Thanks Yvette - I will check in again and see if I can log in! Obviously my brain is exploding with too many passwords and log in names and such!

Well done on the fantastic effort for the Homeless connect day. Looks like it was amazing, rewarding, confronting. I felt amazed and moved reading about it.

Melinda said...

Also, my email address is - in case I find I still can't remember my log in!