Saturday, November 17, 2007


Working on a few things right now! *sigh*

This little dress is the "Cinderella" dress - an old favourite of mine. This one is half way - I am using crochet thread - I think about a 10 - with a 1.75 mm hook - in a lovely coffee colour with cream bands.

I am making another the same in White 4 ply Bendigo cotton, using a 3.5mm hook.

Here's a comparison:

The crochet thread one will fit newborn to 3 months size - the white cotton one probably 1 - 2 years.

This is such a sweet little dress - I usually thread ribbon through at regular intervals, two rows in the yoke, and two rows in the skirt. I was thinking with the white one, that I might do different colour ribbons like a rainbow on the white? What do you think, dear reader?

Below is a nearly completed blanket - just have the attached knitted border to do. Pound Of Love in Purple. TLC Soft in Lavender Red Heart Super Saver in Watercolour, and an unknown yarn in delicious Granny Smith green.

Just good old Feather and Fan in the centre, and a knitted on border with mitred corners, a la Elizabeth Zimmermann. Easy mindless knitting for watching TV by!

More cotton baby things for summer awaiting completion - ends sewn in, buttons on - and the sky blue one needs more yarn - I ran out! So may do a lace knitted on edge - nothing too fancy - just a garter stitch whale tooth pattern, in white cotton.

And a bunch of little shrugs/shoulderettes/hug me tights - these knit up very quickly in about two hours tops.

Am tweaking this pattern at present dear reader - have already nutted out some adaptations to make it a bit more interesting - it involves some very nice mitred shaping - like a BSJ, I hear you ask? Very like it

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