Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Little Things

This little sweetie is a Cabin Fever pattern called Homecoming Layette - it is available all over the internet and costs about $6USD

It is really easy - being top down and no seams, my favourite!

The pattern has a jacket, hat, and blanket but no booties - but that is no biggie - I just use my favourite bootie pattern and incorporate the jacket pattern in it. The Cap in the pattern is plain Stocking Stitch with a garter brim, so if you used that, plain stocking stitch booties to match would be fine. However I decided to make the cap using the same pattern stitch as in the body of the little jacket.

I made a second little set with booties to match, I really have no idea what yarn I used - it was 8 ply/DK on 4mm/US6 needles. Something left over that I thought would be nice.

The buttons are from Dave Rundell in Florida.

Had been given a bag full of unravelled yarn in blue so thought I would make another Rindy's Raglan - so sweet, this little pattern and so useful.

These three little items went to Knitting for Brisbane's Needy to keep some little person warm this winter.


MALUSICA said...

whenever I visit your blog,I find
only beautiful things.specially,your baby knitt,are very soft,delicate and
very good choose the colors.simply I admire you¡¡¡¡¡

Lynne said...

Beautiful as always - I'm sure Karen and the final recipient will be very impressed!

patsy said...

Yette your work is just beautiful,I'm amazed everytime I look at yoru blog at what you can do with a skein of yarn and knitting needles.I love your color choices.As usual your work is out of this world I can't wait to see more

Grandmother Owl said...

Those are adorable! I especially love that sunny, yellow sweater. :)

T. said...

Your sweaters are awesome could you share your chart for the blue and white one I have the sweater pattern itself.