Monday, December 31, 2012

More Felted Slippers

Felted clogs  (Fibertrend pattern) for my dear friend Vanessa in Ohio - these are the replacements for the ones I made for her a couple of years ago - all my family and friends are now asking for replacements - they love their slippers so much, they wear them to death - they make the greatest house shoes.....
 The sweet little ballerina slippers are for Vanessa's two little girls - another fibertrend pattern - I have had this pattern for a long time but this is the first time I have used it - these little slippers are even easier than the felted clog slippers. the pattern instructions come in secveral sizes, for children and ladies. These pinky-lavender ones are made using two strands of Lincraft cosy Wool together, one plain lavender and one multi.
 I had to mix two strands of different blue wool yarn together to get the right colour for these. One was Lincraft Cosy Wool in royal blue, and theother was unlabelled wool yarn in a sort of pale blue fleck.
I followed instructions, making elastic loop buttonholes on the ends of the straps and sewing on buttons to the slipper itself. On reflection, in future, I shall sew or glue on  Velcro strips or circles - I think it would be easier for little girls to manage.

These little blue slippers were made with left over blue wool yarns  - I used every scrap of blue yarn double stranded, and ended up with a nice ombre effect - now as I have been making felted clog slippers in many different colours for adults over the last 5 or 6 years - I have lots of odd balls and half balls of wool yarn left over - so I have a lot of choices to make the Ballerina slippers with - I think they would sell on Etsy pretty well - and the money can go to helping Knitting for Brisbane's Needy - my main reason for knitting....!!!!!

The Ballerina slippers took me only a few hours to make one pair!! I can make a pair of felted clogs in 24 hours knitting.....

If anyone would like a pair of felted clogs made, they will cost you $40 AUD PLUS  postage to your address, whatever Australia Post charges to your area. The Ballerina slippers will cost $25 AUD for a Child and $35 for an Adult size, PLUS postage. Just saying..............

The Fibertrend patterns are for sale online - just Google to find them.

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