Saturday, October 19, 2013

How's this for a Knitted CHAIR ????

 I met this wonderful, hugely talented, woman a few months back... she is a designer of the most beautiful things in the world! Here is a lovely profile of her and her work

Just a few weeks ago, I was knitting and chatting with a group of like minded ladies here in Toowoomba, when Gail brought out this magnificent work of art for 'show and tell'

It is a chair - just an ordinary aluminium and plastic cane type outdoor chair - but look what Gail has done to it!

How gorgeous is that?? And what fun !!!

Does it give you ideas of how to tart up your tired old outdoor furniture??? It did me!!

To see more of Gail's amazing work with textiles and yarn - go here

Gail is very involved with Community Arts and Crafts in Crow's Nest, Queensland not far from Toowooomba, where she has her studio.

Have another look - don't you just wish you'd thought of it ?

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