Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Set # Three

Another little set - this time for a larger size baby - probably a 1 year to 18 months old.

This is the full length version of the Baby Surprise Jacket - and I think this must be a speed record for this jacket - I started knitting in the car at 11 am on Monday, on the way to visit the specialist for my damaged knee. (see previous post) I finished it at 3 am Tuesday morning - put the buttons on it on Tuesday at about 3pm.

This one used up some odds and ends - the grey is Disco 8 ply acrylic - again - well I got a lot of it on ebay earlier this year!! The lemon is some bits of odd balls of Robin Feelings ( I loved this yarn and they discontinued it!) the variegated is the Disco grey knitted together with one strand of anonymous Aussie 4 ply - baby fingering to you US gals!! The buttons look good - I only had three yellow and two white duckies, but it worked really well. Maybe Vanessa could use it for the following winter after she has her baby girl?

The pants are the Happy Baby Pattern - I can do this in my sleep now! The hat I invented.

Think I will make plain sockies with a turn down rib cuff.

It is amazing how much waiting you have to do when going to a specialist for a work related injury!! Hence the astounding amount of knitting I got done that day. Mind you - I was having an MRI and while I was in the tunnel I was thinking what a shame I hadn't brought plastic needles - I could have continued knitting in there! But I lay there and mentally went through all my buttons in my stash to choose the ones for this jacket! I never waste a minute of my precious time ! Posted by Picasa

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Donna said...

Love the baby set! I am working on my first baby surprise jacket right now. Could you tell me where I can find the pattern for the Happy Baby pants? I did a google search to no avail. Thanks!