Monday, April 23, 2007

Oh yes; I knitted these this week too!

This dear little sweater is "Rindy's Top Down Raglan"

There are absolutely no seams at all!!! I knitted the sleeves on 2 circulars.

The little girl buttons are adorable aren't they? I have them in red, blue, pink,yellow and mauve - I got them on ebay from Dave Rundle (daverun)

I use them a lot. They make all the difference don't they?

This is a cowl ( neckwarmer or joined up scarf) for another exchange - this time on Knit4charities, a Yahoo Group I belong to.
The recipient is Penny in Tasmania - who absolutely hates acrylics - so I hunted through my stash and found this beautiful dark red (her favourite colour) wool yarn from U.S.
A few years ago I bought a half finished afghan and the remaining yarn on ebay - unravelled it and stashed it. This is what was left and it came in exactly right for this exchange. The pattern is a freebie from someone's blog!!
I keep saying I won't do another exchange - I am still waiting for the knitting tote bag from my partner on another Yahoo Group exchange from last September. I sent mine - and she said she liked it - but it was acrylic so I think that was not appreciated !!!!!! I thought it was pretty but what do I know. I also sent nice candles and pot pourri too - one of these days it would be nice to do an exchange and get an exchange if you know what I mean??
Apart from my dear friend Maria (see the Christmas posting I made of her beautiful exchange gifts to me!!! )I haven't had too much luck with other exchanges.
I hate it when you make something really beautiful for someone and take the time and trouble stick to all the rules , then receive some crappy last minute bought-in-a-discount-crap-shop-exchange in return!!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Knitting over Easter in Toowoomba

I made another dog coat for Fozzie - this one is a freebie on the internet called Dog Coat with Contrasting Collar. It was super easy to make - and quick too!

I also made a lot of beanies for Knitting For Brisbane's Needy - the Yahoo group I belong to and am co-moderator of. I crocheted and knitted 6 Adult size and 3 Baby size - and FORGOT to take pictures!!!!!!!!!! AAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I gave them to Karen, the group owner at the last Knit and Natter and forgot to take pictures there too!!!!!! If she still has them when I next see her - I shall whip out the camera and snap them !!

We had a lovely Easter with daughter Simone in Toowoomba. - she has a new partner Rick who is an absolute darling !!! Lots of laughter - he has a big family and they are all within walking distance of Simone's house. Very handy when you have a few drinkie poos and don't have to drive!!! I love Rick - and his family - and yes, I forgot to take a decent picture of him - I had one but it wasn't too good. Here's one of Simone though - she is a darling girl and I love her to bits.

This is the only one of Rick and Simone that is any good! Rick is busy looking at his sister's movie camera and Simone is taking a pic of Rick's brother Errol. Rick is a smashing man - he is a country singer and writes really great songs. But the best thing about him is how much he loves Simone - he really is devoted to her - and she to him. They have been together a year now and I am so happy for them. Long live love!!!!!

More Knitting!

This is my first Tomten Sweater!! I have been "chickening" out of making this for years - so took the plunge when a knitting group I belong to that specialises in Elizabeth Zimmermann patterns, did a Knitalong - it was really easy - although I had a hard time when it came to the armholes - I found out I was making it so much harder than it really was - I had mis-interpreted the Knitalong instructions!!!! After a visit to the Frog Pond, I could have smacked myself "upside the head" !!!!! It really is easy to do and the beauty of it is that it can be adapted for an adult or child of any size!!! The pattern is available from Schoolhouse Press on its own - and it is in Knitting Workshop by Elizabeth Zimmermann.

I really recommend it!

I made this little set because I was given (well I unashamedly asked for it really LOL!) a skein of anonymous acrylic in red with a tiny blue fleck in it - the yarn was scratchy and hard - but such a pretty colour - so when I had finished the jacket I washed it in shampoo and rinsed it in conditioner and then chucked it in the dryer for about 15 minutes - the result????? Soft as soft can be!!!!! The jacket is my Tiny Version of EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket, and the leggings are a free pattern from Red Heart yarns (Coates and Clarke) - Happy Baby Pattern. The hat is also a freebie from the internet - so just Google "Rolled Brim Baby Hat" (The train buttons are from Dave Rundle on ebay "daverun" is his id)

What else have I made in the last couple of weeks? Oh, yes - this gorgeous little Candy Stripe set

It is a Stylecraft or Knitters Choice leaflet - it is knit from one cuff across to the other - it buttons up the back too!

I took this to the l ast Knit and Natter at my friend Dawn Pee's house - she seized it immediately for her grandson William!!!!!! AND the pattern too!!!!! Feisty lady - who could say no to her?? Certainly not this gal!

Then I made this little top down raglan pattern that I have had on my to do list forever - I found three 50 gram balls of a lovely soft wool/mohair boucle yarn that was just right for this pattern. The tammy is from another Stylecraft or Knitters Choice leaflet.

And a lovely little toddlers sweater in Pound of Love - another freebie pattern - I haven't sewn it up yet - oh, I HATE sewing up!!! But it is pretty - destined for my friend Lisa in Canada.
I also started a cuddle blanket for a friend of mine - Diane in Michigan. We have been internet friends since 2001 - Di's favourite colours are Christmas Green and Christmas Red - so this is being made in good old soft and cuddly Capricorn Red on BIG needles - with some Caron simply Soft in Emerald Green that another friend, Marguerite in Long Island NY sent to me a few years back!
I have some other items too - which I made over Easter and this last week or so. But more of these later........

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Four Beloved and Greatly Missed Cats

Very sadly we have had to take four of our six beloved cats to the local Animal Aid Centre because of threats to their safety made by the man next door. The anxiety caused by this was too much to bear - every time one of them went outside I was in terror for its life and limb.

They have already been separated - two males and two females - they had a big area for each at the centre. Eric said they were very frightened and were busy trying to hide from all the other cats when he left.

The good news is that they don't put the animals down - but keep them there until they find homes for them.
Here are some pictures of my darlings.

This is Meggy - born 28th March 2004 (my birthday) Shy but very loving - de-sexed and very solid for a female. A very pretty cat.

This is Whiskey - Meggy's brother - also born on 28th March, 2004, he is a big, solid cat - de-sexed. Very affectionate - if he doesn't think you have petted him enough - he will gently bite your fingers until you resume stroking him!

This is Buderim Ginger - Buddy for short! De-sexed, he is all red - no white anywhere - a beautiful big, solid tabby - affectionate and funny - Mr Personality we call him! He is Meggy's offspring born 25th December 2004 - he was very attached to his mother - they spent a lot of time curled up together asleep.

This is another of Meggy's babies - Black Magic - Magic for short. Smaller than any of the others - she is sleek and dainty and shy - she and Meggy were almost inseparable - they were nearly always together. Born on 25th December 2004, and also de-sexed (as are all our cats)
So if anyone who lives in Brisbane would like a de-sexed beautifully behaved cat - go to the Peninsula Animal Aid in Grice Street, Redcliffe - the phone number is (07) 3284 1927. The phone runs hot all the time - so keep dialling until you get an answer.