Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ruffled Summer Baby Set

I just finished this - in pure cotton for an Aussie summer baby. The hat pattern is Ellen's Ruffled Baby Hat.

The jacket is also Ellen's - an adaptation of the Little Lamb pattern from Precious Layettes for Baby by Jeannine (Leisure Arts #3202) Ellen very kindly made her adaptation available to members on a Yahoo group site I belong to.

The booties are from Handknits by Elena on - #40 White shoes with an Xstrap
Are these cute, or what?

The set was made for a lady who lives about  a 90 minute drive from me. I mailed the package to her 4 weeks ago. Australia Post has lost it! It never turned up so I had to remake the whole thing for her. And I delivered it to her personally, yesterday. Thanks Australia Post - your service is getting worse.....

Ok - some knitting

Since the advent of Ravelry, I have found posting to my blog is getting neglected. Badly neglected. I do hope that will change now. I have altered the settings on my blog too - I found I had it set to moderate comments - and that is changed.

Just recently I have been getting addicted to a delightful pattern by Muriela - the Baby Kina.
I discovered that Muriela has a myriad of the most gorgeous baby patterns on Ravelry and on her website Kids Tricot. As I am on a limited budget, I shall have to save up to buy some more of her patterns - not that they are expensive, but there are so many that I want! I do urge you to take a look at her designs - they are stunningly simple, very French, therefore tres chic! And top down too - what else could a knitter of baby clothes ask for?

The basic pattern is so adorable - however, I ran out of the beautiful red yarn before I had reached the bottom of the body section - so I used some Moda Vera Jazz to finish it off - and I am in love with the result!!
There are several versions of this pattern. Baby Kina, Kina for older kids, and one with long sleeves and a Lady Kina for adults too. I don't know how to put a link on here so you can just click on it and go straight to the pattern. But here is the link to her 114 designs on Ravelry  Prepare to be gobsmacked!

I have more Baby Kinas finished except for sewing on of buttons, so watch this space for more pics.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Laugh, Kookaburra, Laugh!

This is the wonderful  Kookaburra call - beloved of all Aussies everywhere! This was taken by a friend at Australia Zoo. Janeanne tells me these Kookaburras were rescued, injured and cannot fly. They are now in a safe enclosure at Australia Zoo where they delight tourists every day!
Play and enjoy!