Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More outback teddies!

A few more teddies for outback kids - have a lot more to make sweaters for though!!

Thursday, June 06, 2013


Tickets are selling, much slower than I had hoped - but they ARE selling!! Huntington's is a HORRIBLE disease, it is hereditary and incurable, and a sufferer's children have a 50% chance of contracting the disease too....

By raffling this blanket that I donated to the cause, we hope to raise some funds to help us create awareness of Huntington's in the general public. Once people are more aware of the disease and the ravages it makes on families of sufferer's then there is more chance of obtaining proper funding from Government sources...

So here's the deal - tickets are $1.00 - the blanket is a generous double bed size (seen here on a Queen size bed) . The raffle will be drawn on July 1st - so you have a little over 3 weeks to get your money in!

You can pay by money order, cheque or cash (if you live in Toowoomba, that is) or email me for bank details for direct deposit transfer, or send money via Pay Pal -
It is open to both Australian and overseas residents - I will personally pay for postage if you live outside Australia and you win!! Email me at if you want more information too!

PLEASE - just $1.00 for a ticket is not much to find for such a worthy is very close to my heart right now, as I have a young friend in her twenties who has it, her mother has all symptoms and at the age of 50 , cannot speak, walk, feed herself, or look after herself and is in fulltime care. My young friend has three young children who stand a 50% chance of  inheriting it too. If you can spare one dollar - then please contact me... and you just might win this lovely hand made blanket for $1.00!!