Sunday, November 25, 2012

More Knitting

Well I have been adding pics of my knitting to Ravelry again - I just can't seem to keep up with everything lately. Made a few little things, for gifts to overseas friends, and a scarf for an exchange for Christmas. Some of these little items I finished a while back but only just got around to finishing, sewing buttons on etc. I hate sewing up......

This cute little fellow is the Mini Fox from Tiny Owl - made for a lady who saw me n Ravelry and asked me to make him He is a sort of scarf/collar - there is a bigger version which is more like a scarf.  
Such a sweet little face...

I have never made anything like this before....

Another pair of felted clogs, from the trusty pattern from Fibertrends! this has to be the most used pattern in my collection - I have made dozens of pairs of these!
This pair in yellow was made for my dear little friend Kaori, who went back to Japan on Friday 23rd November. More about that later....

The Baby Kina - I am addicted to this pattern - this version is the short sleeved one.
See the cute little elephant buttons? They are from Spikecraft on
I love them trimmed with Moda Vera Jazz  - I made a red one like this too - and ran out of yarn so used the Jazz to finish off the body. So I have made several like it since, a perfect example of a mistake turning out to be a great design idea!

The pink and lavender ones are the long sleeved versions and I made a little hat to match the pink one.
What next ? Oh yes,the ingenious Presto Chango baby cardigan!

See the front panel? It buttons on to the sweater with four buttons each side. Make a second front panel and when you want a change, just unbutton the first one and replace with the second one. Ideal for when you are out with baby and the front of the sweater gets drooled on - just whip out the new panel and replace it!

This one is the Garter Stitch Cross Over Wrap Top from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies by Erica Knight - a really nice book of easy baby things.
I used some 20 crochet thread to do a little scalloped edge - so dainty...

Next is the Silver Baby Cardigan - lovely little pattern - top down so no seaming, my favourite.

The little hat I made up using the stitch pattern from the jacket.
All the patterns above are on Ravelry - some are free - the Baby Kina, and the Mini fox from Tiny Owl Knits are available to buy on Ravelry though. The Simple Knits for Cherished Babies is also from a purchased book.

The Swiss Cheese Scarf - oh this is such fun to do!! I didn't do it exactly to the pattern requirement though - I made a nice straight edge on mine by eliminating one of the holes at each end of the second pattern repeat row. Better imho.

Also, I found the constant making of the holes a bit tedious after a while so rather than make the whole scarf like it, I made the centre just in garter stitch. This had the added advantage of being less bulky in the part that actually goes around the neck. You can see the difference in my edge compared to the picture on the pattern, can't you? This is a free pattern on Ravelry - and I made this in pure Australian Merino wool from Spotlight - and oh, it blocked beautifully, opening up the holes spectacularly!

And finally a trio of face cloths! All done in Bavarian Crochet (see the Wool Eater Blanket by Sarah London for instructions how to do this stitch)

That's all for now folks!


Have you ever seen a strawberry as big as this before?? Is this some kind of record?