Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A couple of Jackets

Two more little jackets - the one on the right is "Precious" from the Leisure Arts Booklet, Precious Layettes - the one on the left is the same pattern, without the lacy pattern stitch. Amazing - the same pattern and two different looks. The line across the right hand jacket doesn't appear in "real life" don't know whether it is a slight difference in the yarn at that point, that the camera is picking up?

Oh no!!!!! Another yarn sale!!!!!

Ok - so I broke the diet - but this time who could blame me!! Spotlight were having a ONE-DAY-ONLY 20% off EVERYTHING sale, including previous sale items. So my friend Claire and I set off early Monday morning, loins girded, to avail ourselves of some GOOD STUFF!!

I got this bag of mixed goodies for $5 - less 20% which is $4.00!!

Nine balls of Feathers yarn in a caramel colour. One ball of Vixen. One ball of blue fluffy yarn with glitter and woven lumps. One adult poncho weaving kit and one large crochet hook! The weaving kit consists of a poncho shape netting in black yarn and you weave fabric, or yarn throught the netting and add beads or feathers or other decorations, and you have a really individual poncho without knitting. Claire and I worked out there was a good $30 worth in there!! Claire bought a $10.00 bag and got some fantastic bargains - about $60.00 worth!!

I also got some more feathers yarn in beautiful jewel colours, reduced to $.99c a ball and with the 20% off got three balls for $2.00!! Bargain!!!

I use the feathers to make these pretty little hats with a rolled brim and crown in contrasting or toning yarn. I now have a big box of feathers in gorgeous colours - can't wait to get started! These will be for sale for the winter months soon to come.

Then off to Lincraft we went - I needed some more Funky Fur yarn to make another Red Riding Hood coat (see previous posts)

I bought 4 balls for .99c each , gave the assistant $4.00 and got .05 cents change!! LOL!!
So my whole shopping expedition cost me $9.95 !!!
I never get bargains like this normally - so who is a happy camper, then??
I am going to justify this expenditure and breaking of my yarn diet by emphasising that the Funky Fur is for a specific requested project, and the Feathers is going to earn me some money from sale of the hats, which will then pay for what I spent - and also of course, I will be using other yarn from my stash to make the aforesaid hats!!!!
That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Another two sets complete

Made these two little sweeties for twins which were as yet unborn - I made a pink and a blue in case there was one of each - now I have to make another pink one as it turned out the twins were both girls!!

This is one of the Leisure Arts Precious Layettes - modified of course, in pale blue Panda Angoretta and Blue TLC Wiggles.
The pink one is Panda Angoretta and White TLC Wiggles.
The babies' names are Scarlett and Morgan.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Yvette goes on a Yarn Diet - and falls off the wagon!

Made a New Year Resolution to go on a yarn diet. Got the idea from a Canadian knitter's group I am on - no purchasing of yarn between 1st January and 30th September - nine whole months!

The deal is this - you get one "get out of jail free" card - you can only fall off the wagon once. Sock yarn doesn't count - but that only applies to Canada and United States IMHO - I don't need socks!

You can buy yarn for a special project or gift - if you have to. And it doesn't count if you have to buy an extra ball of yarn because you run out. And gifts of yarn from friends and rellies don't count either!

Well I lasted very well - but succumbed to some Cleckheaton Mousse on offer on ebay - well I got 11 balls of said Mousse for 15.00 including postage - work it out - it was about 1.38 per ball!! So that's me off the wagon for my one and only time! But from now on - it is strictly existing stash!!

Anybody else going to join me?? No?????

Oh yes, and two more Tiny BSJ Sets

I forgot all about these two little sets!! These are made in Thorobred Soft for Tots (another sadly, discontinued yarn)and some variegated Panda Magnum ; these are ideal for using up small quantities of yarn. The little jackets use about 50 gram of yarn; the hats and booties even less! Did I mention that the jacket takes around three hours to knit?? And as I crochet them together (the only seam is from neckline to cuff) it is really a very quick project. Booties are Michelle's Preemie Bootie from Bev's Country Cottage - online. Hat is a basic baby bonnet, sewn from brim to crown to make a little round hat.

I also made a baby blanket (feather and fan )and two more little baby sets - but I forgot to take pictures of them before I handed them over to Karen !! If I ask her nicely she might take pictures of them for me so I can post them here.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Little Red Riding Hood

I bought a little fun fur pattern by Sirdar on ebay last year- it is a matinee jacket and separate ear flap helmet. I made it into a full buttoned hoodie for a colleague at work - her little girl turned one last month.
Diabolical stuff to work with - especially in artificial light - grrrr!!! But I think I made a good job of it. Lincraft had the fun fur on special for 99 cents so the whole outfit cost 4.95 AUD
Bargain!!!!!!! Thank you Karen - she bought me the yarn because she owed me for some yarn last year. So double bargain!!!!!!!
Little girl buttons from Dave Rundle (daverun on ebay)

Little Freebie Sets

I found this cute little set on the net - it is called Blue Triangles and has matching booties too.
Look at the cute little hat - with a peak and ear flaps!!
This little sweater is by Charles Stacy - I simplified the original pattern - it was so hard to understand, they way it was written, so I modified it.

Another SOS

Received another SOS , this time from a local lass Theresa who is having a baby in a few weeks and she and her husband are doing it tough. A few good friends rallied round, thank you to Dawn, her grand daughterTracy, her daughters, Michelle and Rosaleigh, for a stroller, cot, change table-cum-bath, and a suitcase full of clothes,to Pam who delivered a huge amount of clothes, toys, a walker, a jolly Jumper, even some creams and lotions etc. And to Alex who gave me some beautiful baby blankets the other day.What generous people there are in this world.

Here are a couple of things I made for Theresa:
For those of you who belong to the Babysweaters group on Yahoo, this will be a familiar pattern, Suzanne's Matinee Jacket - for once not embellished or otherwise "mucked about with" LOL!! by me!!
Made in Pale Pink and Cream Angoretta - it reminds me of Strawberry and Vanilla IceCream.
The little hand buttons are from Dave in Florida - daverun on ebay.

The pretty little white set is also familiar to Babysweaters members - the Little Lamb from Leisure Arts #3202 Precious Layettes for Baby

On the other hand -------

In between bouts of afghan crocheting, I made a few baby things too. This is some of my knitting since January 1st - so I have not been idle!!! An SOS from Lisa in Canada had me flying to the needles to make some baby things for a young couple she knows who are having their first baby with few funds and in need of help.

This is the Ribbed Yoke baby sweater - I love this little pattern - so easy - all knitted from the top down, so very little seaming!!! Everyone knows by now how much I hate to sew up seams!! I can do it but I am never happy with the results somehow

The yarn is Panda Angoretta in mint green - the last of that colour that I have in this yarn - and it is sadly, discontinued although it does pop up on ebay from time to time
The gorgeous little ice cream cone buttons came from my good friend Dave Rundle (daverun on ebay) They were absolutely perfect on this little sweater - like pistachio ice cream!!

This darling little set is my Tiny BSJ pattern, a hat that was based on a bonnet pattern, and the booties are Michelle's Preemie Bootie pattern from Bev's Country Cottage.

The yarn is an oddment of turquoise DK and some TLC Wiggles in white.
I have dear Maria in Pa to thank for the Wiggles yarn - it is adorable and knits up like a dream
Check back to earlier posts to see what other goodies Maria sent me in December 2006!!!
Made from an unknown brand of yarn donated to me recently - this is the Top Down Raglan, a free pattern on the internet. I used a bit of left over cream DK to eke the brown variegated yarn out. So soft and knitted up beautifully, I found some wooden buttons that complemented the little boy's jacket so well. The hat is just a free online pattern.

Another Tiny BSJ set - in blue Angoretta, and White TLC Wiggles.

The yellow blanket is the good old standby - Lion Brand freebie Diagonal Baby Blanket. I had a few skeins of 3 ply baby wool , and one skein each of DK in different yellows. So I knitted one strand of 3 ply with each yellow in turn until it ran out, going from dark to light. A great stash buster!! And more of that later, too!

After a long break.............I finished it!!

Here it is - the finished Hearts Afghan!!!This nearly broke my heart I tell you - not that it was difficult to do - but lining it up exactly row by row and stitch by stitch was tedious in the extreme. I used a bulky w.w acrylic - but I think I could have used a larger hook to make it drape more. However, I finally undid the sewn seams and crocheted the pieces together instead - voila!! Much easier!! The pattern itself, of its nature tends to make the blanket "bubble" where the heart pattern is. But a wash in shampoo and a rinse in hair conditioner, plus a tumble in the dryer made it really soft and drape-y. I also gently steamed it over a damp cloth (the iron held over the blanket, not touching it) and this flattened out the bubbles. It could be because I tend to do double crochet (single crochet to my American friends) a bit tighter than treble (double USA) which could explain why the treble bubbled up.

And for good measure , I made a cushion cover to match!!

It measures 16" x 12" so is plenty big enough for an average cushion pad insert.

This is for my dear friend Sandee in Atlanta Ga.

I promised her this afghan more than two years ago - so sorry Sandee dear. But it is at last finished and will be posted to you on Wednesday morning, Oz time.

Next one is a knee rug for Sandee's brother Marvin and another blanket for Diane (aka ladydi1943) in Michigan!

Thank goodness it is finished though!! And such a lot of my stash used up - yaaay!!!