Sunday, May 26, 2013

Teddies for Outback Kids

Just recently, Knitting for Brisbane's Needy was asked to make knitted teddy bears, with indigenous coloured sweaters knitted into the bodies.  I didn't fancy the idea of actually making Teddy Bears - so I got onto Facebook, and on one of the local Toowoomba Giveaway pages, asked for any unwanted teddy bears. Then I set to and made each teddy a little jumper/sweater in indigenous aboriginal colours of black, yellow and red.
These are just the first few that I made, I ended up with a total of  51 teddies, two rabbits, two monkeys, two dogs and a tiger donated! So far I have completed 26 teddies, and am currently working as fast as I can to get the others finished.

The teddies will be given to aboriginal children who are taken into care by Child Safety  for whatever reason,  something to cuddle in a scary situation.....
There will be more pictures soon..

Some knitting


This delightful little pink jacket is Maria Thomas's design Aussie Swing - it is so quick and easy, and seamless and also comes in a long sleeve version which is next on my list.

 I made another of my little favourites, the Like Sleeves baby top - again seamless, or at least it is when I make it ! This looks adorable over a little skivvy and leggings - just right for a wriggly little baby girl.....

 Every so often I just have to make a Rindy's Raglan Baby Sweater - so quick, so easy, and of course no sewing is one of my favourites and such a standby sweater for a quick gift as it knits up in no time - I can almost do one in my sleep!
These two sweaters were made for outback kids in Northern Territory - a wonderful lady who works for the Health Department known simply as "Aunty Gwen" gives out warm sweaters every winter, then when winter is over she collects them back in for repairs and laundering, so she can give them out to indigenous kids again next winter....

Knitting for Brisbane's Needy was asked to help with supply of sweaters for ages 5 years to 10 years old - we were happy to rise to the occasion.

This pattern originally has a wallaby pocket but I left that out this time so I could just get a basic sweater done in a hurry.

 These two are Cuff to Cuff Sweaters, from a very old Paton's Knitting Book - I just have the one pattern and it has been a wonderful stand by pattern - these were also made for "Aunty Gwen"

These two little sweaters are so sweet and easy to make - the pattern is called Denise or Denephew and is a free pattern on Ravelry.
I made these also for  the Aunty Gwen challenge...

Oblong Wool Eater Blanket

This it s the first Oblong Wool Eater Blanket I've made. I've made many of the Square ones before - this one I made for my dear friend Edna in Victoria who is recovering from heart surgery.
I love this blanket - the pattern is free and you can find it on Sarah London's Blog on Word Press.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

OK - I am now an official ticket seller in the Huntingdon's Disease raffle to raise funds for the support organisation which helps sufferers and families of this terrible disease. The prize is one of my BIG crocheted blankets (generous Double Bed size) Tickets are only $1 each - and the raffle will be drawn on July 1st. You can contact me on 04123439014 or PM me on Facebook ( Yvette O'Brien) - I will accept payment through Pay Pal too - my Pay Pal email address is The blanket is made in lavender, with pale green and toning colours - it is shown here on a Queen Size bed. Please help me to raise funds for this very worthy cause - this neurological disease is related to Alzheimers's, Parkinson's and Dementia - THERE IS NO CURE - it is hereditary - and a sufferer's children also have a 50% chance of contracting it..... so please - dig deep into your pockets as only we Aussies can!!!

Please go to the link above - Jaime is my friend - and this is the reason this raffle is  happening and why I donated the blanket to help raise funds..