Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I temporarily lost my blogging Mojo!!

But I am back again after more than two years of non blogging! And this is why - I decided to join Sarah London's CAL the Wool Eater Blanket. This will be the 6th Wool Eater blanket I have crocheted - love this pattern! The CAL starts today Wednesday 11th January 2012

Go here to sign up by entering a comment

Go here to get the free pattern instructions - either square or oblong (rectangular)

Why don't you join me?? It's a lot of fun!!
Here's what the Wool Eater Blanket looks like

Now you have a choice of two FREE patterns - Square or rectangular. Other wise known as Bavarian Crochet, or Catherine Wheel Stitch this is really just a big old Granny square!!!

See you there?