Monday, October 30, 2006

5 more tiny BSJs

I love these little sweaters! I can make one of these in three hours now - and they are so cute - very addictive too!! I made these seven in just a few days. I like to make them in very soft acrylic - yes, I said acrylic - young mums just don't want the bother of having to do all that time consuming careful hand washing nowadays. Can't say I blame them.

These little jackets take less than 50 grams of yarn each - which means I can use up oddments of yarn and make up colour combinations to my heart's content. I have been using Panda Angoretta - I ADORE this yarn - such a pity it is discontinued now!! I buy as much as I can get my hands on when it appears on ebay - but I do have to fight for it!

The little yellow one is in Wiggles yarn - a friend kindly sent me some from USA earlier this year. I love it so much - I had two 50 gram balls each in red, yellow and blue. Now another friend wants to send me some yarn as part of a Christmas Exchange - so I think I will ask for some more - there is a gorgeous white, pale lavender and a pale yellow.

The pale blue and white, the apricot pink and white, the deep pink and white, the mint green, and the white yellow and navy are all in Angoretta. The pale turquoise is in ordinary soft acrylic DK.

The buttons are all from daverun on ebay - the best button seller in the whole wide world!

2 comments: said...

Hi Yvette,
Love your little BSJs!!!! You have terrific color choices and buttons. You know that makes all the difference. ARe you making these in your sleep now?
I still have just the little pink/white one that I have on our group. Maybe another one in the future. I have six dishcloths I have to make.
Love your pictures!

Isabelle said...

Those littel BSJs are just adorable, Yvette! You are so creative! :-)