Sunday, April 06, 2014

Now charging a small fee for my patterns

Recently  someone published one of my patterns - Yvette's Garter
Stitch Baby Sweater - on her blog, claiming it as her own ! Prior to this, I had offered this pattern free of charge on Ravelry and elsewhere.

Due to this blatant piece of theft I have had to regretfully offer my pattern on Ravelry for a small fee....

I have also added my pattern for sale on Craftsy - follow this link to buy it..."> src="" height="26"/> Visit GrandmaN1's Craftsy Pattern Store »

Happy Knitting!


knitknotes said...


So very sorry to hear the abuse you suffered. I have enjoyed your patterns and received compliments when gifting one. I recall the impudent lady who wanted you to donate a sweater set to her, so she could gift it to another. You have suffered twice, and that is just not right. Wish I could do or say more.

Yvette said...

Thank you my dear! I would have replied privately but don't have your email address!!

deb meese said...

Sorry this happened to you.
Link takes us to a lovely photo but not your rav shop.