Monday, November 14, 2005

At the Brisbane Museum

With Grandma and Grandpa in the Dinosaur Garden

We had a great time at the museum on Saturday

The girls really enjoyed themselves! The dinosaurs (of course) were the favourite exhibits. But they also were fascinated by carriages and coaches and buggies on display - pity there were no models of horses in the shafts to give them a clearer picture of how it was. Mind you - it didn't go down to well to be asked "Did they have these to ride in when you were alittle girl, Grandma?" There was a man next to me who fell about laughing! Cheek!

What did surprise me was how long we stayed in the section with spiders, insects and birds, snakes, etc. There was a library there with lots of books on dinosaurs and snakes and they had a great time sitting there looking at pictures. The ant farm was great - they had a blue light (black light?) to shine on the burrows and chambers - and there were lots of creepy spiders to look at - fortunately NOT alive!

There were plenty of interactive displays too - which the girls loved because it was such a change not to be told "Don't Touch" - plenty of videos and large models of sharks, whales and stingrays - all guaranteed to make a little girl shudder with delight!

We took the girls to Southbank for a picnic - and have promised to take them back there this weekend , to swim at the man made "beach" there and picnic on Picnic Island. The playgrounds there are wonderful, very innovative and helpful for kids who like to use their imaginations. It's all slap bang on the banks of the Brisbane river too - so much activity and so much beauty. It's years since I was last there!

We drove in and parked the car - a mistake because there are so many car parks we took ages to find the one we had parked in - and walked miles! This time though, we will take the City Cat up the river from Hamilton Wharf and get off right by the "Beach" - less walking for Grandma with her very sore knee. Will post more pics of our next trip. Including some of the CityCat and the river too - Brisbane is such a pretty city!

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