Monday, May 14, 2007

Could call this home........

We have been thinking of moving to Toowoomba to be closer to Simone. Since having had problems with the new neighbours, and giving up our beloved cats, the idea of a new start is looking more attractive every day.

We found a wonderful rental property about 15 minutes from Toowoomba CBD - on 23 acres, plus a fenced paddock. The potential is endless! You can just see the back of the house here if you look carefully.

Who knows what we can do - and the thought of all that wonderful space and fresh air, birdsong, peace, and most of all no nosy neighbours, is very appealing!

There are two hills like this rearing up at the back of the house - which is small - but still has three bedrooms and a brand new kitchen. Plus a BIG brand new deck as well, large enough to take two outdoor settings.

These two views are the left hand hill.

The soil is black, friable and very fertile. There are lots of rocks around which will be handy for retaining walls around veggies etc. Lots of space for growing raspberries (one idea we had) and gooseberries.

Plenty of exercise to help me lose weight!
Space for chooks and goats - I am thinking Kashmir goats here !!!


baba black sheep said...

wow sounds and looks like such a wonderful place to live, i will keep my fingers crossed that it all works out for you :0)

ShandraLee M said...

it is beautiful, I hope all goes really well for your negotiations on friday, I shall be thinking of you as I nod off for surgery in Brisbane that morning, good luck, Shan

Sue H said...

What a fabulous place to call home. Hope you manage to grab it, and I hope you thumb your nose at your horrible neighbour when you leave.

roseygirl said...

If you move when will you be moving? Is it closer to where my Mum is in Tewantin? I really want to meet you when I get to Aussie.