Saturday, November 17, 2007

Jacaranda Season in Montville

The Jacaranda Season, October, has come and gone. They seem to like the drought these gorgeous trees with their lavender blue blossoms - they were especially lovely this year.

These pics were taken at the top of a ridge on the way to Montville, on the Blackall Range.

There is a yellow blossomed tree, the Bucurubu, known as the Yellow Jacaranda which blooms at the same time of year. It is not strictly speaking a Jacaranda at all - but has similar leaves blossoms, only in a bright canary yellow.

This beautiful specimen was taken at the Glass House Mountains recently, with Mt Ngun Ngun in the background.

Montville is the home of the Sunshine Coast Crafts, a co-operative of artists and craftsmen and women who reside on the Sunshine Coast. Here you can find hand made jewellery, wood carving, sculpture, knitwear, hand spun clothes, pottery, paintings, hand made lace, beautiful embroidery, children's original clothing designs, hand made candles, everything you could wish for. I am lucky to be allowed to place some of my hand knits for sale there - so am madly working on some summer baby wear right now.

The whole area is very beautiful, with views from Montville that are absolutely breathtaking, as you gaze across beautiful farmlands and forest right out to sea.

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Anonymous said...

What great pictures! I go to Montville a couple of times each year but have never been into this shop - my first port of call on my next visit :-)