Saturday, December 27, 2008

Teapot Display

St Luke's church had a wonderful display of Teapots during the Carnival of Flowers - a huge collection of everything to do with the great English tradition of Afternoon Tea.
There were not only Teapots, but Teasets, Tea towels, embroidered Tea cloths all done by hand, a wonderful collection of very old electric jugs and kettles - I had no idea there were electric jugs in the 1920s!

This very old tea caddy depicts scenes from Charles Dickens' "Oliver Twist"

This miniature Teaset was made in Korea over 100 years ago!

There was a tea towel with a recipe for Aussie Damper on it!

All these were exhibits were on display in the Church Hall. However, when we went into the Church, there was a marvellous treat waiting for us - a huge hand workedFilet Crochet wallhanging, depicting The Lord's Prayer! It was at least 6 feet high.

Handmade by one of the parishioners many years ago, it is framed and mounted on the wall inside the entrance. Having done filet crochet - once - I could appreciate the incredible labour of love this piece of crochet was!


Lynne said...

Again, thanks for sharing.

I have not [yet] tried filet crocheting but I can see this was a big job!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the towl I have been looking on E-Bay to see how much totes are that are from OZ ... I need a new TOTE bad lol...but I just might have to google OZ towels lol... I like that ... colorfull I always LOVE all your pictures...makes me want to leave NOW for OZ and leave everyone here and take me a vacation lol... hee hee.