Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I temporarily lost my blogging Mojo!!

But I am back again after more than two years of non blogging! And this is why - I decided to join Sarah London's CAL the Wool Eater Blanket. This will be the 6th Wool Eater blanket I have crocheted - love this pattern! The CAL starts today Wednesday 11th January 2012

Go here to sign up by entering a comment

Go here to get the free pattern instructions - either square or oblong (rectangular)

Why don't you join me?? It's a lot of fun!!
Here's what the Wool Eater Blanket looks like

Now you have a choice of two FREE patterns - Square or rectangular. Other wise known as Bavarian Crochet, or Catherine Wheel Stitch this is really just a big old Granny square!!!

See you there?


Cathy said...

Welcome back!

Maria said...

Welcome back to blogland Yvette.
I love the Wool-Eater. But because of its name I am hesitating. One day I just might bite the bullet
What colours this time for you?

ebonyblueyes69 said...

Glad you got your mojo back. I just started reading your blog. I love it. Also love all and I mean all the baby sweaters and cardigans you have knitted. Keep up the great work. Your are my inspiration. I knit baby sweaters to donate to my local hospital.

ebonyblueyes69 said...

Please get your blogging mojo back. Ilove reading your blog and seeing the pictures of all the beautiful baby sets that you knit.