Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ok - some knitting

Since the advent of Ravelry, I have found posting to my blog is getting neglected. Badly neglected. I do hope that will change now. I have altered the settings on my blog too - I found I had it set to moderate comments - and that is changed.

Just recently I have been getting addicted to a delightful pattern by Muriela - the Baby Kina.
I discovered that Muriela has a myriad of the most gorgeous baby patterns on Ravelry and on her website Kids Tricot. As I am on a limited budget, I shall have to save up to buy some more of her patterns - not that they are expensive, but there are so many that I want! I do urge you to take a look at her designs - they are stunningly simple, very French, therefore tres chic! And top down too - what else could a knitter of baby clothes ask for?

The basic pattern is so adorable - however, I ran out of the beautiful red yarn before I had reached the bottom of the body section - so I used some Moda Vera Jazz to finish it off - and I am in love with the result!!
There are several versions of this pattern. Baby Kina, Kina for older kids, and one with long sleeves and a Lady Kina for adults too. I don't know how to put a link on here so you can just click on it and go straight to the pattern. But here is the link to her 114 designs on Ravelry  Prepare to be gobsmacked!

I have more Baby Kinas finished except for sewing on of buttons, so watch this space for more pics.

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Aussie Maria said...

Ravelry has taken my time too :-)
Finally gave into temptation and bought Kina. Will be using it frequently to justify the small expense :-). My excuse