Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A couple of Jackets

Two more little jackets - the one on the right is "Precious" from the Leisure Arts Booklet, Precious Layettes - the one on the left is the same pattern, without the lacy pattern stitch. Amazing - the same pattern and two different looks. The line across the right hand jacket doesn't appear in "real life" don't know whether it is a slight difference in the yarn at that point, that the camera is picking up?


Pooch said...

Who receives all of your beautiful baby sets? They are so precious!

Sue H said...

Both these jackets are gorgeous. So well made.

Donna said...

caninOoooh!!!! How sweeeet these are, Yvette! I love the patterns and the colors!

bevq said...

You make the loveliest sweaters! I wish I could knit that fast and well.