Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Four Beloved and Greatly Missed Cats

Very sadly we have had to take four of our six beloved cats to the local Animal Aid Centre because of threats to their safety made by the man next door. The anxiety caused by this was too much to bear - every time one of them went outside I was in terror for its life and limb.

They have already been separated - two males and two females - they had a big area for each at the centre. Eric said they were very frightened and were busy trying to hide from all the other cats when he left.

The good news is that they don't put the animals down - but keep them there until they find homes for them.
Here are some pictures of my darlings.

This is Meggy - born 28th March 2004 (my birthday) Shy but very loving - de-sexed and very solid for a female. A very pretty cat.

This is Whiskey - Meggy's brother - also born on 28th March, 2004, he is a big, solid cat - de-sexed. Very affectionate - if he doesn't think you have petted him enough - he will gently bite your fingers until you resume stroking him!

This is Buderim Ginger - Buddy for short! De-sexed, he is all red - no white anywhere - a beautiful big, solid tabby - affectionate and funny - Mr Personality we call him! He is Meggy's offspring born 25th December 2004 - he was very attached to his mother - they spent a lot of time curled up together asleep.

This is another of Meggy's babies - Black Magic - Magic for short. Smaller than any of the others - she is sleek and dainty and shy - she and Meggy were almost inseparable - they were nearly always together. Born on 25th December 2004, and also de-sexed (as are all our cats)
So if anyone who lives in Brisbane would like a de-sexed beautifully behaved cat - go to the Peninsula Animal Aid in Grice Street, Redcliffe - the phone number is (07) 3284 1927. The phone runs hot all the time - so keep dialling until you get an answer.


Maureen said...

Oh Yvette
I feel so sad for you! (I came to your blog via the redcliffe freecycle)
I have just had to have one of my three cats euthanased because of cancer (he was 16 years old) so I can guess how heartbroken you feel.I do hope someone comes and gives them a loving home.
Maureen in Woody Point

Dawn said...

Hi Dear Yvette
So Sorry that thing next door got his way! Just remember this will come back at him 100 fold we may never see it, but it WILL come back. Keep your Chin up and chest out, I am thinking of you and Eric at this yucky time.

Sereknitty said...

Yvette, so sorry to hear that you had to part with your kittens. What a shame that it was necessary because of a nasty neightbor.
We just had to have our 12 year old Great Pyrenees put to sleep yesterday. She was in failing health and it was time to end her suffering.
Making the decision to do what is best for our animals is never easy. Hopefully your kitties will find new homes as loving as yours.

Mimi said...

I always stop by to feast my eyes on your lovely knitting. I delurked to tell you how sorry I am about your fur babies!!sniff!!. We recused a male this week named Ivan. A long haired gray sweetie pie. We just had one cat left from a litter 13 years ago (our others died of nautral causes). So he was so welcomed. Maybe yours will find such love.

Sue H said...

Why in earth was you next door neighbour so mean, in what way were your beloved cats upsetting him. How awful for the cats to be separated after living together, and loving each other for so long. I would have happily taken them if I could, but living in Melbourne makes it a bit difficult. The fact that they are desexed makes them very desirable, so hopefully they'll get good homes soon, and wouldn't it be nice if some kind soul takes them all together.

catsmum said...

oh Yvette sweety,
how awful for you.
At least you know that they won't be euthed and hopefully someone who reads your blog will know of a home for them.
Nasty neighbours are the bane of existence. I moved away from mine thank God.

roseygirl said...

I love cats, so I truly feel for you, I don't know what I would do if my Blueberry was sick, she is such a huge part of out family, I am even making my own cat food at the moment with all the pet food recall going on here in Canada and the U.S.A.