Sunday, April 22, 2007

Knitting over Easter in Toowoomba

I made another dog coat for Fozzie - this one is a freebie on the internet called Dog Coat with Contrasting Collar. It was super easy to make - and quick too!

I also made a lot of beanies for Knitting For Brisbane's Needy - the Yahoo group I belong to and am co-moderator of. I crocheted and knitted 6 Adult size and 3 Baby size - and FORGOT to take pictures!!!!!!!!!! AAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I gave them to Karen, the group owner at the last Knit and Natter and forgot to take pictures there too!!!!!! If she still has them when I next see her - I shall whip out the camera and snap them !!

We had a lovely Easter with daughter Simone in Toowoomba. - she has a new partner Rick who is an absolute darling !!! Lots of laughter - he has a big family and they are all within walking distance of Simone's house. Very handy when you have a few drinkie poos and don't have to drive!!! I love Rick - and his family - and yes, I forgot to take a decent picture of him - I had one but it wasn't too good. Here's one of Simone though - she is a darling girl and I love her to bits.

This is the only one of Rick and Simone that is any good! Rick is busy looking at his sister's movie camera and Simone is taking a pic of Rick's brother Errol. Rick is a smashing man - he is a country singer and writes really great songs. But the best thing about him is how much he loves Simone - he really is devoted to her - and she to him. They have been together a year now and I am so happy for them. Long live love!!!!!


roseygirl said...

Thanks for stopping by my Purls N Lace Blog, I bought the pattern for the kitty cat Hat her e in Canada it was like 3.49, so I can pick you up the pattern book and bring it with me when I come to Aussie(Queensland) June 29th -Aug 24th.. if you e-mail me your address I can post it to you once I get there. Or if you are near where I am going to be maybe we could meet up for lunch? I will be in Tewantin at my Mums place. E-mail me in private @ and we can make some sort of arrangement, The mittens my mum made as I suck at making mittens I think the mitten pattern is in the book also, I sent pattern book to my mum as well. If you want the pattern faster I can mail it this week as postage for that is low, and I love to help out a fellow knitter. :)

Knitcrazy said...

Oh Yvette...
All of these Little Sweaters are just ADORABLE... I can't pick out a favorite.. Just Too Cute!!!
I Love the white one with the Tam...
I have some yarn that would be perfect for a little one like that....


Petpig said...

I love the dog sweater, I seem to have a problem with finding the pattern on the net. Can you send me the link?

Petpig said...

Thank you for the pattern link, and your concern. I do hope that your Grand daughter will one day be passed all of her surgeries.
My email is
that is 00-(zero/zero).
All of your seaters are beautiful. Our needlework guild here in New Orleans, USA, make sweaters and blankets for our Children's hospital and our local Ronald McDonald charity.
You make me want to try those new patterns. Thank you, again. I hope all is well Down Under.
Hugs, Beth