Tuesday, July 03, 2007

More Baby Knits

Have been very slow on the knitting front since my last post!

However, my friend Penny posted a little jacket and blanket on her blog, which was the subject of a couple of nasty comments,because of the colour. I had some yarn in a lovely nutmeg brown - so shamelessly copied her idea - used the same baby jacket pattern and made up a little blanket identical to hers!! Told you I would Pen!

The colour is a nutmeg brown and very attractive - all from a couple of odd balls in the donation bag! It is very tiny - just preemie size.

Here is a little sweetie - Rindy's Raglan - all for not quite one 50 gram ball of anonymous wool, from a batch bought from Wangaratta Knitting Mills - thank you Karen, it was lovely to knit with. It has little nubs of white fluffy stuff throughout the blue. The white collar and cuffs are a left over scrap of Angoretta. The buttons are little white bunnies - from daverun on ebay of course!

Another little bit of scrap yarn made this next little jacket. I really am trying to use up my stash!


Donna said...

So lovely Yvette! I am so impressed with your adult surprise jacket! That is a LOT of work there! The baby sweaters and the blanket are lovely as well!

Petpig said...

I happen to love odd colors for baby items. Here in the states we have many odd ball parents who would never stick to just blue and pink for a baby. I love the nutmeg brown.

Knitcrazy said...

Adorable Sweater and Blankie Yvette and I especially LOVE your color Choice!!!! LOL



LeAnn said...

I love the Rindy sweater. Any idea where to find the pattern? I have seen her album and there are tons of adorables, but no pattern link. Thanks.

Yvette said...

Hi Leann- please - let me have your email address and I will reply to you! I have no email address for you!