Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sick of my Sunsets yet?

We had some rain - only for 24 hours - and oh it was so blissful - albeit very cold and windy too.

We really need so much more though.

However - we always get glorious sunsets a day or so after - this is right across the road from our house - literally a few hundred yards away.

You can see it was cold - the guys fishing are wearing thick jackets - their legs and feet are bare though - brrr!

Every sunset we have here is different.

We have had some very high westerly winds lately - oh so cold! By our standards anyway - 60 degrees F sometimes!
Here's what a sunset with a high wind looks like! Gorgeous!!


Petpig said...

I love the sunsets, it makes me wish I could see it in person. They are very beautiful, you are so blessed.

Crochetoholic Debb said...

how beautiful so are you in Florida or CA? I saw those pretty sunsets in Hawaii when I was there last and my relatives are in Florida and see them there too and of course I am in CA and I see them here too !!!