Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Exchange Package!

Look what the postman brought me!! Last year I participated in a knitting exchange with one of my American groups. My partner didn't reciprocate. But another friend on the same group sent me these gorgeous hand made goodies, plus some yarn to make up for it. Aren't people just lovely?? Especially knitters!

The socks are knitted from Cascade Fixation - which I simply must have, dear reader!

This lovely friend made me two Knitting Totes - one in fabric, don't you love the appliqued sheep?

The sentiment is one I love too! "So much yarn, so little time"

The other bag is knitted, in diagonal stripes of black and green - so pretty!

Both bags are reversible too - and they have lots of useful pockets sewn in for carrying patterns, needles, scissors, chocolate, etc - all the absolutely necessary things for a knitter to have handy!

And because she knows I knit baby things for charity - a whole bunch of nice yarn too!

Some Patons Astra, some Red Heart Super Saver Pink, a ball of Sensations Smania which will be very interesting to knit up - and three balls of a gorgeous boucle type yarn, in dark greens, oranges, blues and browns ( see one on the bottom left)

Thank you so much dear friend!!

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