Tuesday, October 16, 2007

First the Storm.......

Had a series of big thunderstorms during the last week - noisy and violent and lots of lightning. My dogs are terrified of storms poor dears ! Grandma's Knitting Place was awash!

But oh, the rain is so welcome - we are in the middle of the worst drought in Australia's recorded history - climate change is no myth - it is Spring here - just - and already very high temperatures during the day.

We get heavy downpours, but not enough to really refill the catchment areas, maybe just enough for a few months - but then no rain for another 6 weeks or more, till the next downpour.

It really bucketed down - these two views are taken at the front of the house, looking out to sea.

The front garden and the park across the road really welcomed it - and so did I - everything smelt so good - fresh and clean!

As I said, the dogs hated it - but Queenie, our Burmilla, reclining on her cushion, wasn't fazed one bit!

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