Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Latest in My Knitting

Since I finished the "dead mole" Tomten, I have sewn on its buttons, done some crochet round the edge of its hood, made two more Tomtens and a Soft and Seamless Baby Sweater. I finished them all on Friday 28th Dec.

I decided to stay with the Teddy Bear buttons after all!

Buttons from daverun on

This one I made with Angoretta in a deep Apricot with the left over mystery yarn from the "dead mole", for the hood, cuffs and bands.

I was given some deep forest green velveteen type yarn - very soft and thick, and some chenille type yarn in a multi pale blue and green. I thought immediately"Tomten", since, like the brown furry one, the yarn was screaming at me to be made into one of these charming and very addictive little jackets!

Here is how it ended up:

I used the chenille to accentuate the lovely line of the deep armhole shaping, and extended the sleeve with it too - I ran out of the deep green!!

I am very pleased with it.

Now, because I have some of the chenille left over, I am making another one - a real baby size, using pale blue Angoretta for the body and hood, and the blue green chenille for trim.

I haven't made a Soft and Seamless Baby Sweater for some time - so as I had a bit of left over white, and a mystery half skein of white with multi primary colours dotted through it - I thought I would quickly whip up this little sweetie. The pattern is free on the net - I haven't worked out yet how to add a link to a post - so just Google "Soft and Seamless Baby Sweater" and that should do the trick! Stop Press: here is the link

I used stocking stitch for the yoke in plain white, and Wager Stitch for the body in the multi.

The buttons are from daverun on

Little popsicles; aren't they adorable?

I made this a short sleeved sweater - and it is knit from the top down - and the sleeves I did on two circulars - so no sewing up - only the buttons!! Whoo hoo!!

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