Friday, December 21, 2007

There's a Dragon at the Bottom of my Garden.......

Eric (DH) got some fantastic shots of our bearded dragon - he stirred him up a bit, so that he puffed himself up and opened his mouth and did his threatening bit!! Isn't he a beauty???

Normally very unassuming and peaceful - this is how he looked at first - trying to pretend he was part of the scenery.

then he started feeling just a tad uneasy.........

See how he looks when he is fully aroused to a feeling of danger??

He puffs his body up to three times normal size, and his beard comes out to a magnificent frill and he shows the yellow colour inside his mouth!

What a lovely boy!

Just like a miniature dinosaur!


Sue H said...

What wonderful photo's. My son has a pet dragon, and he has sucha great personality.
Hope you had a great Christmas.

roseygirl said...

This is sooooooooo cool, my son thought this was really neat. :)