Thursday, December 13, 2007

More Knitted Projects Finished!

Been trying to get some more items finished - no matter how I try I always seem to have more UFOs around my house!!!! So have been trying very hard to get a lot of them finished. Here's a few, now with buttons on; three hug me tights, or shrugs, adapted from a pattern given to me by my friend Bunty.

Another couple of little sets just finished,
a helmet, socks and diagonal baby blanket in apple green acrylic yarn;

a sleeveless cotton set in yellow and white.

Another little Ruffled Baby Set, and a little pink Ruffled Jacket. Both of these in cotton for summer babies.

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Melinda said...

These are so cute - and such great buttons!
I ended up trying to retrieve my log in ID but couldn't remember it, and I didn't have the details that yahoo needed to recall it. Do you think it would be ok if I applied again as a new member? This time I will definately write down my details!