Friday, October 18, 2013

Meadowsweet with matching blankie

I just finished this adorable little Preemie set - in the most gorgeous Watermelon pink.....

The pattern is available on Ravelry - free!!

I used the 24 row stitch pattern in the body of the Meadowsweet Cardie and created the baby blanket to match...

I used a smaller needle - 3.5 mm on the baby cardie - then for the blanket I used a 4 mm needle

Here's how I made the blanket

Cast on 107 Stitches ( 95 stitches of pattern, the same as the baby cardie body stitches, plus 12 stitches for the border - 6 stitches each side of the pattern)

Knit 12 rows ( 6 garter ridges)

Commence pattern:

Knit 6, pattern over 95 stitches exactly as for the body of the Meadowsweet Cardie, Knit 6

Repeat for 9 of the 24 row pattern repeats, keeping the first and last 6 sts in garter stitch.

Knit across for 12 rows - cast/bind off. Voila!!



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