Friday, October 18, 2013

Wow - Another Round Ripple!!!! And a thread crochet set to match!

I love the Round Ripple Baby Afghan - I have lost count of how many I have done! This one is lovely - I bought some gorgeous anonymous (NO LABEL) mill end yarn from Knitters Paradise Store on - my favourite place to buy inexpensive American yarns - it is a lovely super soft Boucle with ombre colourways - this one shades beautifully from pale blue to white and is stunning to use!

I also used an ordinary white DK and - the last of my pale blue Angoretta *sob* - tragic that this lovely acrylic yarn has been discontinued for so many years - I do try to acquire it whenever it appears on ebay but that is not happening lately.....

Such a gorgeous combination of textures!

To match, I made a little thread outfit in DMC Splendida in a delightful smoky pale blue.

The pattern for the little jacket was adapted from the Round Yoke Baby Sweater by Marumin Crochet - available on Ravelry here
I continued using the stitch pattern for the yoke in the body section, left off the sleeves, as this is for a summer baby boy and only did a little scallop round the bottom edge and at the yoke. A little roundhat with a brim to keep the sun off and a pair of basic Mary Jane shoes completed the outfit.... not TOO girly I hope - any way, the recipient loved the set..


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Maria said...

Lovely work, Yvette :-)