Thursday, December 28, 2006

And here is what I am working on now......

I am halfway through a dog jacket for my daughter's new man's mother's dog ( what a mouthful)

The colour in the close up is much more accurate - don't know why the other is more blue!!

The aran pattern is called bones and biscuits!!!

The rib part is the turtle neck and the two little holes are for the front legs.

I am now on the decreasing part for the back. The dog is a nice little fellow name Fozzie - he is a shitzhu.

This new man in my daughter's life is definitely a keeper IMHO!!!! He absolutely adores her, can't take his eyes off her. She gave me this lovely photograph , framed, of her and my grandson, Tom, for Christmas. There is glass in the frame, hence the bit of reflection from the camera!!

She also gave me this lovely collage of all four of our grandkids - clockwise from top left, Lauren (Richard's daughter) and Tom;Tom, Caitlin Samantha and Lauren; Tom Samantha and Caitlin on Tom's 7th birthday; and Tom in the bath (he had just emptied a whole bottle of lavender hand wash in there to make a bubble bath) These were all taken last year.

I am a very lucky woman!!


Grandmother Owl said...

Sounds like wonderful things are going on in your family! And the knitting is equisite, I'll go look for the patterns, my needles are wanting something new on them, lol.
(I'm at and will be happy to help you add your things to your blog! Drop a note to me anytime!)

Tricotine said...

Awww... How sweet is that?!!
You are very lucky indeed! :-)

Tricotine said...

Hey! Looking at the photo closer, it actually looks like little bones! LOL

That little dog is going to look so elegant! ;-D

Donna said...

WOW~~~~ That's a lot of work for a dog! I have 3 dogs and wouldn't try that sweater for any of them!!!! Beautiful job, yvette! And your family is beautiful too!

roseygirl said...

I love the little multi colored jacket, it is so cute! And I have taken a fancy to the hat also I may just have to try making one myself :)

Pat from Pa. said...

Went to the website that was highlighted and the BSJ was not even listed as a free pattern or anything else.What happened?
Pat from Pa.