Friday, December 01, 2006

Knitting Tote for a Cyber Friend

I just completed a knitting tote that I made as part of an exchange on the knitbabysurprise group on Yahoo Groups.

For all those "yarn snobs" out there - it is not wool, it is acrylic, it is not felted, just knitted on two strands of yarn.

But it is very attractive, and practical, because it can be chucked into the washer and dryer without any fears of it becoming ruined!! Who wants a knitting bag that can't be treated as casually as any shopping bag?? My knitting bags go everywhere with me, they get sat on, dropped in sea water, covered in sand on the beach, or trodden on in the car. Doesn't everybody's????

I designed it myself, I knitted it in two strands of two different yarns, Red Heart Super Saver in Summer Breeze with Caron Simply Soft in a glorious buttery cream ( thank you Vanessa) The two colours go so well together and make a lovely thick and chunky, yet soft, fabric with no holes. I lined it in good old calico for strength (and also for it's washable qualities) What do you think?

I found some silver buttons that belonged to an expensive suit I once owned (and that, dear reader, is another story), four of them, so I sewed them on to the handle part as fastenings, and did a plaited strand, twisted it, and made a sort of toggle thingy which keeps the opening closed.

The handle I crocheted on last, very simple, just left an opening slit in the very centre. I made this with big
six-stitch cables and a band of moss stitch. It really looks very effective.

To make the plaited toggle I just did a flat plait (braid to my American friends) and then looped it in half, then twisted it,again keeping it flat, then joined the two ends with a tassel. In reflection I should probably have used the tassel at the front, but instead I stitched it to the back, anchoring it through the knitted part and into the lining for added security.

Blogger has other ideas about this post - so I shall now try to upload some more pictures in a different posting - hey anyone reading this who knows why I cannot upload as many pics as I want in one post - please tell me!!! It is driving me nuts!


ShandraLee M said...

Is that the same sort of bag as the one you showed us at daphnes ? it is really nice in those colours.

Tricotine said...

This bag is gorgeous, Yvette! I love the colors also! :-)


Anonymous said...

very pretty yarns you used... I LOVE bags... just never have really made me one to use like a purse lol..maybe I wil lget a wild hair up my butt and do some some day lol.