Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Christmas Exchange from Maria

Looooooooook what I got from Maria in Pa!! And apart from what's in the pic there were two packs of Lindt Chocolates, one dark, one milk AND a CD of crochet baby patterns!!!

So generous - it was one of most exciting presents I have had for a long time!

Six skeins of TLC Wiggles yarn, 2 white, 2 pale blue and 2 grape, two skeins of Red Heart Strata in variegated blue and white.

Six beautiful tree ornaments made by Maria herself, and a gorgeous little angel, looks like it was hand carved.

Two of THE most elegantly appliqued velour guest towels, and two tea towels (dish towels) and a wonderful calendar with pictures of Philadelphia, including one of the Liberty Bell.

And this beautiful doily - a really nice large size, ideal to place in the centre of my silky oak dining table - which is what these gifts are sitting on in the pictures!!

Thank you Maria, everything is beautiful and what is even better, will get a lot of USE - I can't wait to knit with the Strata yarn and see how it turns out!!


kate said...

Yay, Red Heart yarn! I've just been writing about this stuff over on my site, Hope your knitting projects turn out well!
Lazy Kate

Tricotine said...

WOW!!! You have been rotten spoiled, Yvette! :-)

Donna said...

LUCKY girl, you!!!!! What a delightful surprise!!!!! I'm guessing you are going to be putting that yarn to good use,'eh??