Thursday, December 07, 2006

These gorgeous birds are a real favourite - galahs! they are a delicate grey with a white head and have the most delicious deep rose pink on breast and under the wings. Like most parrots they nest in "spouts" where branches have broken off in gum trees, leaving a hollow opening or spout. There is a baby inside this one below, but I could not get a shot of his little head poking out!
Galahs eat grass seeds mostly - we live right on the sea shore and they are often to be seen just wandering around the park like this foraging for food.
Behind these rocks in the picture below is the sea.
Galahs love to flock together and gather in great groups on the telegraph wires - sometimes so many of them that the lines come down!! this is only a small flock, taken a few houses down from us. Posted by Picasa

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